Are you looking for a better alternative than metal braces to straighten your teeth? Perhaps you’d really like an orthodontic treatment that is barely noticeable to others and provides quicker results than traditional braces. We have a solution, as Marietta Dental Professionals proudly offers MTM Clear Aligners. They are a revolutionary option to straighten your teeth without sacrificing your self-confidence and lifestyle in the process.

The MTM Clear Aligners system recognizes that not all patients are willing to temporarily forgo their appearance while undergoing orthodontics. Instead of fixed metal brackets and bands, your teeth are gently moved into an ideal position using a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom fit for your unique smile. MTM Clear Aligners work best for slight misalignment issues, including crowding and gaps.

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The Best in Short Term Orthodontics

The benefits of MTM Clear Aligners go beyond aesthetics. While patients love its barely detectable appearance, they also appreciate the ability to remove the aligners while eating and brushing. Not only can you enjoy the foods you love, but you can keep your teeth and gums in better shape while undergoing orthodontic treatment. This addresses a common concern for braces wearers, as it can be difficult to prevent gingivitis and tooth discoloration in metal brackets.

MTM Clear Aligners are an affordable solution in short term orthodontics. In addition, fewer office visits and quicker results make for a much more enjoyable experience for patients who choose this advanced option. To learn more about MTM Clear Aligners or to find out if you are eligible for this preferred smile straightening system, please contact Marietta Dental Professionals. We have a team of talented and skilled East Cobb providers of MTM Clear Aligners.