In-office Plan

As the cost and maintenance of traditional Dental Insurance plans continue to rise, more and more dental patients are looking for alternative methods to secure affordable, comprehensive dental service plans. To address this need, Marietta Dental Professionals is excited to offer our Sensible Smiles In-Office Dental Plan to our wonderful existing and new patients! The Sensible Smiles Plan will afford you and your family the chance to save big while receiving premier, affordable care for life! Here are some of the many advantages this Plan will entitle you to:

  • This plan is available to anyone, regardless of age.
  • No existing insurance plan is necessary!
  • Only one annual fee.
  • No waiting periods.
  • No cumbersome insurance forms.
  • No maximum benefits.
  • No deductible.
  • No coverage restrictions.
  • No missing tooth clauses.

Take away the stress of dealing with unresponsive or stubborn insurance companies and let our professionals provide quality dental service at a price you can afford. Upon signing up for our Sensible Smiles Plan, you will receive:

  • One free Annual X-ray and Exam!
  • Up to 35% off major procedures!

The Plan offers these advantages and so much more, for only a small annual fee; you can become a member of the Sensible Smiles Plan for only $175/Individual. This introductory offer won’t last long, so contact Marietta Dental Professionals today and ask our friendly staff for more information regarding this exciting opportunity!