The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Marietta GA Cosmetic Dental ProceduresMost of us are in constant search of the perfectly white smile. But for you, that glittering grin may seem to be just out of reach.

It can be frustrating to try so many different techniques for whitening your teeth but never get the results you’re looking for.

Why does this happen? And what is the best way to lighten your tooth color? (more…)

What Causes Gum Disease?

Marietta GA Periodontal TherapyGum disease is often a slow infection that eventually results in the loss of teeth. It’s often painless while it progresses, and one of its most notable symptoms is halitosis.

No one is thrilled to hear they have a diagnosis of periodontitis (gum disease).

Once the disease causes damage, there’s no reversing it on your own.

Prevention is the best way to keep gums healthy. To avoid getting gum disease in the first place, however, you need to know what triggers the infection. (more…)

4 Signs that a Dental Implant May Be Right for You

Marietta GA Restorative DentistryThinking about getting an implant? Here are a few signs that now could be the right time.

You have excellent oral hygiene.

Dental implants need just as much care and cleaning as regular teeth. If anything, they need a little more special attention. Letting the gum tissues around an implant get inflamed is a sure way to compromise it.

So if you have a good habit now of keeping your teeth clean, then you’ll do well with an implant.

You don’t smoke. (more…)